S&P Emini Options Volumes

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  1. S&P Emini Options Volume hit 86k contracts yesterday.

    Growing like wildfire:cool:
  2. just21


    How does it compare with options volume for the full size sp contract traded on the floor?
  3. It just gets better. Wish there was more in the EW (End of month) variety too.

  4. the full size contract traded 92k yesterday.

    Avg daily vol for s&p emini options was 48k in sept vs 20k in sept 05 and 11k feb05
  5. CME is unstoppable. The spot fx is going to be a homerun as well. The stock is absurdly-priced, but I see it hitting 1000 in two to three years.
  6. Grant


    DAX options volume, Friday: 120,000;
    DJ Euro Stoxx, 628,000;

  7. riskarb,

    I see CME even at 1500-2000 in 3-4 years.

    Next best bet is probably ICE
  8. yeah... I love the option volume. I can actually trade them without having to pay the spread. Freaking sweeeet.
  9. Nice.

    Hopefully the ES options will get to the same % of underlying futures as the big SP. Basically about 60% . So approx 600k avg daily vol we're shooting for ES options.:D
  10. Could be. I was a bear on the shares until the FX news and ES volume. Add the fact that NYMEX uses globex for its electronic contracts. ES will pull more share from CBOE, which is terrified, hence the intro of risk-margin regs by the OCC.

    All they need is to offer barrier exotics in a FLEX-platform. Make it accessible to the masses and it's a dot-shot to $2,000/share.
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