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Discussion in 'Trading' started by DraXon, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. DraXon


    Well guys, I've been trading for about a week and so far I think
    I've been progressing nicely.

    Right now, I'm just focusing on being consistent and making sure
    that I keep my losses as low as possible (my stops are usually
    less than 3 points).

    I'm going to use this thread occassionally to post some of the
    trades that I took throughout the day.

    Hopefully, a nice civil discussion will come out of this where we
    can all share our viewpoints.

    Here goes:

    Short @ 1129.25 - I was a little late on this entry. What I
    really wanted to do was short @ 1131 as soon as it reversed
    from the double top.

    Covered @ 1125.25 - There was a prior pivot point around this
    area so I just took my profits.

    Total Gain: 4 points.


    Short @ 1119.50 - Bear Flag Breakdown.

    Covered @ 1118.50 - Exited all positions near closing time. I
    guess I could've held on a bit longer.

    Gain: 1 point. Total 5 points.


    As you can tell, I'm not really a hyper trader. I tend to trade
    between 3-5 contracts a day. Just want to take it slow until I get
    more confident with my skills.

    I've attached a chart outlining a few setups that I was looking
    at. Feel free to take a look and don't be afraid to critique my
    thinking. I'm quite new at this so I'm eager to hear from the


  2. dottom


    What charting package is that? I like the "crisp" look & feel.
  3. You are 100% today.... what's to critique? So you took small profits... much better than small losses. :)

    I too would like to know what charts you are using? Thanks

  4. Nicely done DraXon. It helps when posting trades to give the time. Good trading.