S&P E-mini question

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    are 990 and 430 the same person?
    what about 023 and 013?

    I'm sorry if these guys have already been discussed, I'm new to the boards.

    note: don't act like you canmake a single trade and not trade with one of these two.
  2. slightly confused?
  3. arcane218


    so you don't trade the e-mini?
  4. No. Those numbers do not represent a single person.
  5. arcane218


    agreed, its not the same individual person... but the styles and methods of trading are too similar.
    you don't think these guys are on the sam e team as Igor?
  6. From the CME Clearing Member Firm Codes, those numbers represent the following firms:

    990-Gelber Group, LLC
    430-ABN Amro Inc.
    013-Jump Trading, LLC
    023-E-Trading Division of ABN Amro
  7. Vulture has it!

    The infamous 990----------hahaha!

    Gelber group trader is a Russian guy----- is that right?
  8. yeah thats been the rumor for awhile...
  9. arcane218


    not a rumor, fact.

    igor ostricher (spelling incorrect).

    I'm suprised this isn't more complaining about this guy.
  10. I haven't paid much attention lately, was this guy do worth complaining about?
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