S&P E-mini 35pts a Week.

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by brad1970, Jul 25, 2002.

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    We e-mail free ES pivot points and support/resistance.
    With risk management and homework, 7 pts/ day is possible
    (35 week)

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  2. brad1970


    Thanks but no thanks...

    I've got a system using PPs, S/R and Fibo #'s....
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  3. josbarr


    Good 4 U

    But does Junior?
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  4. 35 pcts a week is easy don't let any of this negative bias about trading is hard discourage you. Just trade enough size and 35 pcts is a piece of cake. The trick is to dollar cost average. Keep buying on the way down and doubling up then sell the first pop. Ther are some short cuts to learn faster like moving averages and stochastic. These tools make a trader more sophisticated and broke.
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  5. ... and broke.

    That's the key word :D
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  6. Broke is the fine print but that is not important. The thing you should focus on is how much you can make.
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  7. "Keep buying on the way down and doubling up then sell the first pop."

    oh man is this a sure way to blow out.
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  8. ddefina


    I agree. You shouldn't worry about going broke, just keep doubling up until you hit bottom (which you always do) and you will be rich! Sometimes you'll be down your car and house, but remember, you always have grandma to tap into! Stick her fricken IRA in your account early so you have one or two more doubles to fall back on.

    Good luck!
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  9. You said it brother Amen.
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    Very well put Allen :)
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