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  1. Hey all,

    Have been around here a little bit and have decided to start a journal of my position trades around the S&P 500 (minis and full pit contracts). As a lean hog pit trader, I am beginning to diversify some of my plays into other markets as position and swing trades. I also will have a few trades in the Dow and Nasdaq futures.

    First off:

    Shorted 2 SPU8 near the close today at 1283.50. Bias is to the downside tomorrow as I believe we're forming a double-top here at this 84-85 level, and the Dow/Nas is confirming that. While the Nas got about the DT level after-hours, I believe that it will come down as well. Short 2 ESu8 (minis) as well from 83.50.

    Second: Shorted 2 NQU8 just recently at 1878.25, as I believe CSCO news will be "lessened" to an effect, not as huge, great news, tomorrow.
  2. Attached are my levels for support-pivot-resistance for tomorrow. They're mostly wide due to the huge move had today.
  3. Just closed the 2 short SPU8 at 1280, for a 3.50 point profit ($1,750). Still holding the ESU8 shorts and NQ shorts. Currently have ES orders to short at 82.50.
  4. Closed the 2 ES U8 for 1270 even, a profit of 13.5 points on 2 contracts, or $1,350.

    Still short NQ U8s.
  5. Just bought 3 ES U8s on a reversal play at 1270.75.

    Long 3 ES U8, short 2 NQ U8 currently.
  6. Add to ES U8 position at 1264.75, 3 contracts.

    Long 6 ES U8 at average 1267.75, short 2 NQ U8s at 1878.25 and holding.
  7. Sold 6 ES U8s at 1285.00, a profit of 17.25 points each car, or $5,175.00.

    Closed NQ U8s at a loss at 1913.00, a loss of $1,737.50.

    Flat, no position on.
  8. Short 2 ES U8 at 1283.50 to open. Will add more if it gets to 86.25 today.

    Running profit is $6,537.50 before commissions.
  9. Added additional short ES U8, 2 contracts add at 1283.50. Short 4 ESU8s at avg 83.50, target 75.00.

    Looking to short NQ U8 at 1914.00 possibly.
  10. Also short 5 of the 1300/1310 SPU8 aug call spread from 6.00, looking to hold into expiration for full profit.

    Account currently stands at:

    Short 5 1300/1310 SPU8 Bull Call Spreads (August)
    Short 4 ESU8s from 1283.50. (very close to b/e on these).
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