S&P daily pivots and break-down & up Targets

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  1. If you trade the S&P's or watch them when you trade stocks the levels are here

    There are many levels to look at due to not having broke out or down on Friday, so it can be a choppy day on Monday

    We will see !!

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    Take Care,

    Joe Baker

    P.S Watch that Yen!!!!!!
  2. I will post interday updates if it will help
  3. Look at the globex levels, just a numbers game folks lol:D
  4. You gotta love this 1282 here we come
  5. were here 1282
  6. LQQK at settlement price today, then remember my line in the sand 1282.00

    Today’s pivots worked well, I hope at least some here are using them. LOL

    I don’t get much feedback from this board but I get a lot of e-mails from YouTube, I post all my videos each night there under

    ( tradepilotpro )

    Please, only real questions I do trade and help other traders'
    during market hours.

    Take Care,

    Joe Baker
  7. Andris_2


    Hi Joe,

    your predictions for the price actions at pivot levels are great!
    I sent you a PM asking a question. Would you please check it.

    Thanks for keeping posting.

  8. Thank you for the kind words, I will be in touch with you via PM
    to go over what we use and how we use it

    Nice to see someone uses the levels. lol

    Take Care,

    Joe Baker
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  10. Target hit already today, watch out ! for more downside

    see wht the # work!!
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