S&P daily pivots and break-down & up Targets

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  1. If any of you folks want to see the daily pivots and breakout targets & breakdown targets, I am putting them up every
    day on youtube as well as market commentary.

    If you want feel free to pm me if you have any questions
    as to what I am seeing

    Take Care,

    Joe Baker

    P. S . My breakout today was @ 1320.00 for a target of 1330.00

    target hit today 1330.00 for 10 pts. with pivot @1330.50
    Plus I said fed days where very bullish


    See for yourself
  2. Don't get caught up in this sideways chop
    if you can, sit on your hands or go for a walk.

    This may have been the move for the time being

    Until fed speaks!

    Take Care,

    Joe Baker

    P.S You have to frist stop loosing $ in order to make $ trading

    knowing when to stay out will help!
  3. becareful of 5 point reversals can signal'
    a change of trend
  4. You see what a break of 5 point moves can do
  5. lets see if this area holds pre-market

    I mentioned 1309-1310 area on video

    now we must hold 1303-1304
  6. watch 9:36-9:38 time zone

    then 9:44 and 9:51

    if you trade the open
  7. 1303.75

    and the bounce LOL
    LOVE THIS$$$$$$$
  8. 1299 here we come
    #10     Jun 26, 2008