S&P cuts outlook on LEH and Goldman with markets closed

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  1. wow !
  2. My prediction of -300 on the Dow will come true Monday

    VIX to 30+
  3. Pretty interesting timing.
  4. Everything the past several months has had interesting timing.
  5. Agreed - very true. Pretty amazing to me though - the market wouldn't budge thursday for a minor pullback. But the futures sure sold off immediately at the close - maybe someone had a crystal ball and was positioning. Guess it wouldn't be the first time. Sunday open should be interesting.
  6. relax everyone:

    "S&P adopted a "negative" outlook -- meaning it could slash ratings within the next two years -- on the brokers to account for the potential for a more precipitous decline in profitability from the capital markets."
  7. Maybe they just needed to buy a few more maybach. Nothing to see here folks :D
  8. Look out below. Damn, just when things were starting to look up.
  9. we're looking more and more like socialists every day. timing releases after hours, bear merger "needed" to be done before asian markets open, inflation numbers reported based on very arbitrary metrics (that seem to come in unusually low), i could go on...its getting spooky out there. once fed buys all the mortgages from hedge funds/fannie/freddie, we're gonna be a small step from just privatizing the entire US.

    why is ben so scared of a 20% market decline from here??? thats not his f job
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