S&P Crosses 900

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  1. The sloots on CNBC are having orgasms trying to explain how bullish this is going forward.
  2. the more bullish they sound the more room it has to fall.
  3. Could this be a blowoff top........
  4. S2007S


    Everyone and anyone is going long, all the people jumping in now are the ones who sold when the DOW was under 7000. These will be the same people selling again under 7000. Sad how people chase a bear market rally in an economy that's completely broken.

  5. With puts and treasuries on sale, there's no excuse not to go long and be able to afford to protect yourself.
  6. Same old worthless crap.
  7. Financials to the moon!
  8. Why is it sad? Join the bulls, go long, and ride this wave with the rest of us. As long as you properly manage your risk you can protect yourself for if/when the market falls as you've predicted. Then at that time go short once the tide changes. It could be a WHILE before the market drops back to what you think it "should" be trading at.
  9. TM1982


    No it won't be a while.
  10. Up up and away we go, big jam higher into the close today.
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