S&P Core Earnings

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wan2BTrader, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. On the way home heard from radio that S&P just announced (or published) core earnings for the companies. Currently P/E is, for SP500, about 24 based on current method and will be 47 based on core earnings. I was wondering:
    1. what this has impact on market if there is?
    2. what impact this has on a particular stock? Since some companies it does not make much difference, such as WMT whish is .02 difference of about 1.65 earnings. Some stocks make a big difference, such as, APPL, from .47 to -0.83, GM from 2.00 to -4.00, and something like that.
    3. I have never paid any attention to financials of stocks I trade. I'm thinking this time I might need to do some reading about this, because I believe it might has some impact since this is one time event. Can anyone please tell me where I can find S&P core earnings? Thanks.