S&P Closes Above 1000

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Landis82, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. :p
  2. Come on man, DOW hit 14,000 under DUBYA. Meant shit then, means nothing now.
  3. Means the lyin' commie halfrican bastid pushing max regulation and bankrupting the republic through socialized healthcare and massive pork still managed to get hisself a monster bull run smack in the middle of all that.

    But how could that beee???

    I'm sure someone will be along to claim it's all a commie conspiracy...
  4. Well, I guess one shouldn't argue with success ! Mr. Obama has by the shear force of his will, discipline and economic prowess shaped this market and has set the groundwork for a bull run for the ages, which by all accounts started yesterday.

    He has cleared this market of the negative Republican influence which caused the market lows. This astonishing V bottom is all Obama and the Democrats in Congress. My hat is off to them, I did not think it possible. All I can say is "Yes We Can " !!

    As of yesterday, I am revising my trading strategies to assume no close on the ES lower than 999.
  5. Hey Floyd, didn't you say you were going to stop posting in the P&R forum. Whats the deal?
  6. Nothing surprising here. I have been posting this for the last few months. Here is the copy and paste from another thread.

    Markets have done better under Democrats, why fight this strong trend. Thank God for President Obama who has rescued the economy and kept us safe from a terrorist attack on our soil.




    Currently the best bet is to go long. There are going to be corrections on the way but history is on the bull's side. Buy any dip.

    A dip is a 7% decline in the S&P from the high.

    Sell when a Republicon becomes a president.
  7. Where will the DOW be in 4 years then? 20K+?
  8. I really don't know where the DOW will be in 4 years, but I am buying when the S&P corrects 7% from the high. I'll still have a stop that is 10% below my entry price just in case though.
  9. 1013 in the S&P today.
    God Bless America!
  10. This is what happens when Obama's bills get stalled in Congress.
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