S&P Capitalization +$2.7 TRILLION

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  1. Since the March 9th lows.
    I'd call that a pretty good "stimulus" plan.
  2. Except for that unemployment thingy...
  3. I get paid in price. You get paid in "unemployment thingy?"

  4. Yes, he does.:D

    If you haven't noticed, 95% of his posts occur in the "Politics & Religion" forum and he gets paid .25 cents per post.

    If he starts a thread in this Forum that goes over 10 pages, he gets a bonus of $25.00
  5. eh...I'm not that much of a conspiracy theorist. I think he's just dumb.

    Some seek to make political points. Some seek to make money. I'll never understand the former.

  6. I'm sure the unemployed Obamabots would love to hear of your genius trading abilities. It would prabably give them the Hope they voted for. But then they might feel cheated by you...

    ...and then Obama will soon declare class warfare on you and make you give your 'paid in price' money back to people hung up with the unemployment thingy.

    It's only doing what is right.
  7. You misspelled the word: probably.

    It must be really difficult for ET to "hire" good prop posters these days . . . You're lucky that spelling isn't one of the requirements for employment at ET.
  8. It's amazing how smart you our.
  9. Don't you worry you're pretty little head about it. Unless of course you're unemployed. And if you are it ain't Barry's fault.

    My top Federal tax rate oscillates between 39.6% and 36% and 39.6% depending upon Astro Cycles:)D). I can handle whatever Barry throws. You should try it.

  10. As long as I can blame Bush, I ain't worried about nothing.
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