S&P at 1212, where is the EURO crisis???

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  1. :D
  2. Dow industrials back in positive turf for 2011

  3. didn't you hear.....

    Slovakia to approve the plan now.

    crisis averted. Everything is fine now.

    nothing to see here. move along....

    i've seen some bullshit rallies in my day, but this one is right up there with the best of 'em.

    would be funny if i were not short the DAX.

    repeat after me...

    trade what you see, not what you think.....
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    And just like that another crisis has come and gone, simple as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich......

    Remember there is NO such thing as failure!!!!!

    NO such thing as failure, if anything failure is rewarded!
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    yes I knew it was coming, now we can rally into the end of the year and still get the santa clause rally, SPX to 1550+

    Free money for all once again...
  6. Yes, much important to get stock market index to new high so that consumer know that economic recovery.
  7. I employ that strategy sometimes, and most of the time the market stalls and reverses! [​IMG]
  8. "S&P at 1212, where is the EURO crisis???"

    in Europe?
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    Traders are waiting patiently for a break above 1220 on the SPX, I guess a break above that sends it to 1250 but of course it will only take a week or so to see the SPX back below 1200 after that happens, many, many gaps need to be filled. Aside from that this market is stuck in a trading range and isnt getting out of it anytime soon, there is no catalyst to take the SPX beyond 1270+, well maybe there is, its called BUBBLE ben bernankes propping or QE3!!!!
  10. I've seen some bullshit rallies in my day, but this one is at the top.

    would be funny if I was not short. Lost 15.000 in 8 days, Fxck!
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