S&P 650-680, DOW 6000 range

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. I see this happening 2009.

    The Obama plan will not fix the economic situation, A nation of white collar/blue collar/college graduates digging ditches and laying Asphalt for 8 an hour in the hot sun is not a solution.

    Trying to inflate house prices to 2005-06 levels so consumers can continue taking equity loans is not a solution.

    Cutting taxes will not fix things either, they did not during the bush administration.

    The securitization market is dead, this is what funded a large portion of the faux economy.

    Consumers will continue to deleverage over the next few years, they will consume less and begin to save what they can.

    Japan will no longer be able to buy our debt.

    China is losing interest in buying our debt.

    The economic fundamentals are broken, the old inflation/lower interest tactic is no longer a solution.

    We started ourselves on this road 25-28 years ago.

    I expect to see one Automaker declare bankruptcy.

    One more major bank will go under. You guess which one it is.

    I see BA trading in the mid 30s

    I see Unemployment in the double digits.