S&P 500 up 26% since Obama took the helm.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. Looks like the Market feels comfortable with Obama as president. 26% is pretty impressive since the year is not even over yet.

    I wonder why Wallstreet feels Obama is the right person as president.
  2. Wallet


    Yep all those laid off workers are feeling real good about their 401K's
  3. Got NOTHING to do with Obama specifically. It's just the money-pump stimulus and government intervention. Had there not been an election in the middle of the turmoil, Bush would have pushed for more and more stimulus with the same result.
  4. But the fear is Obama is going to tax the hell out of Americans to death and industry and introduce massive government control.

    Wont that be enough to scare the market, or is the market not believing this outcome?
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    It has a lot to do with Obama, the weak dollar has the adjusted market at 1995 levels...
  6. Sure, but isn't that the opposite of the apparent market euphoria being expressed now?

    So, which is bigger... the above or "the money pump"... market currently is saying, the latter.
  7. Likely would have been the same if Bush were still 'Lil Dictator.
  8. Too bad employers are not as impressed. Jobless recovery, as it is being deemed. Sounds like a death sentence for the libs to me.

    BTW, I don't recall you making this point when Bush was at the helm with the DOW was at 14,000.
  9. Rich getting richer under Obama while 2 million lose their jobs.
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    Oh wow, that's a new development.
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