S&P 500 squawk box pit call

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  1. Would like to hear peoples opinions on the various pit call services - which is good, which is bad, etc.

    Also is anyone aware of any stock market news reader services ?

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  2. At our firm we regard Ben Lichtenstein (the RTF guy) -besides being informative- as our live entertainer to keep us from sleeping through the dull periods.
  3. Yeah, Ben is hilarious...

    Something's up here guys.... Goldman walks over to the phone....ohh he's not happy....Goldman's scratching his head.... ohh and I mean he's really not happy.....Goldman hangs up the phone..here he comes....

  4. Is there a Squawk Box available for the Naz? I can only seem to find S&P's.
  5. xsquwak has the Nasdaq pit

  6. RTharp,what service does Echo use?

  7. It depends on what the office traders want. The San Diego office is using a beta service since we found it to be about 1/4 of a second faster than others.
  8. Realtime....Ben is excellent at pointing out orders, size, movement, and players during the day.

    My DSL was down yesterday, and we went without the Live Feed, and it was like a morgue in here....even with the 200 point Dow move.....

    LOS has also been excellent.
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    i'm still amazed how Ben can do so much at once. He's calling the market, training new guys around him, taking phone calls...what can't he do? The best is when he takes a call and says "....yeah, this isn't a good time, call back later..." No kidding.....all the while still watching the markets...amazing really....

    cheers :cool:
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