S&P 500 Sector ETF Momentum Rankings

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  1. I got burned in IRBT calls using just the 3-16-16. I got to wondering if a 5-34-34 would have warned to use puts, and I think it would have. Notice the green histogram sloping downward heading for a fall. Screen Shot 07-24-19 at 10.09 PM.PNG

    Likewise, a red histogram can be sloping upward heading for a rise.
    Screen Shot 07-24-19 at 10.13 PM.PNG

    So, now I'm using 3-16-16 as Accelerator Oscillator and 5-34-34 as Awesome Oscillator.
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  2. Textbook example of me having my own call Accelerator Oscillator and Awesome Oscillator and put Accelerator Oscillator and Awesome Oscillator. Also, I'm trying to keep a delta-neutral portfolio.

    Screen Shot 08-01-19 at 08.17 PM.PNG
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  3. I decided to simplify and use just 5-34-34 MACD and 34-5-34 MACD.

    Screen Shot 09-04-19 at 09.32 PM.PNG

    A comparison of Awesome Oscillators.

    Screen Shot 09-04-19 at 09.27 PM.PNG
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  4. It seems like the big opportunities in diagonals just dried up and I had to get out of trading or get more aggressive and directional. I switched back to 3,16,16 and I put a 9,3,1 Slow Stochastic in for screening. I considered going to straight puts and calls or debit spreads, but it's hard for me to leave diagonals, so I went to shorter-term diagonals.

    Screen Shot 09-20-19 at 02.58 PM.PNG
    Screen Shot 09-20-19 at 02.58 PM 001.PNG
    Screen Shot 09-20-19 at 02.57 PM.PNG
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  5. There was a discrepancy between the Barchart chart and the Barchart screener on Slow Stochastics and also on Fast Stochastics but not on Percent R, so I used a 20-day Percent R.

    Screen Shot 09-21-19 at 12.46 PM.PNG
    Screen Shot 09-21-19 at 12.46 PM 001.PNG
    Screen Shot 09-21-19 at 12.49 PM.PNG
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  6. I've got 3-16-16 and 5-34-34 cloned together as my default chart and I can view each separately.

    Screen Shot 09-24-19 at 09.29 PM.PNG
    Screen Shot 09-24-19 at 09.30 PM.PNG
    Screen Shot 09-24-19 at 09.30 PM 001.PNG
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  7. It is theoretically possible to make good money trading options, but will you? I had a highly negative delta and the market crashed and I still lost money. I think I'll go back to ETF and stock ownership and try to avoid owning losers.

    Screen Shot 10-02-19 at 05.36 PM.PNG
    Screen Shot 10-02-19 at 05.36 PM 001.PNG
    Screen Shot 10-02-19 at 05.37 PM.PNG
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  8. I figured if I'm going to be owning stocks and ETFs and hoping to make more than I lose I might as well sell covered calls.

    Screen Shot 10-03-19 at 06.08 PM.PNG
    Screen Shot 10-03-19 at 06.08 PM 001.PNG
    Screen Shot 10-03-19 at 06.16 PM.PNG
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  9. The 50-day RSI and 20-day moving average system kept me out of a lot of good trades, so I lowered my standards.

    Screen Shot 10-06-19 at 02.20 PM.PNG
    Screen Shot 10-06-19 at 02.21 PM.PNG
    Screen Shot 10-06-19 at 02.22 PM.PNG
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  10. I think this covered call strategy is going to work out. Can usually sell an ITM strike price for a profit, can sell an OTM strike price if it looks more bullish, hopefully will never get stuck with a loser for long.

    Screen Shot 10-09-19 at 05.27 PM 001.PNG
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