S&P 500 P/E at 129?

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  1. Market can disregard current high PEs when it's expecting much higher "E" later.... such is the case now.

    Market buzz is for "$74 earnings in '10".... probably "operating".
  2. It all depends on what you use for "P" and "E". :cool:
  3. It would be helpful to know the input constructs of their model in deriving the PE ratios stated.

    Simple math would imply their model has an E of approx $7.95 ( 1026/129)

    This seems low, but without knowing how they are deriving at their earnings #'s to supply the E, it is unclear how accurate or inaccurate their 129 level is.

    For example, are they subtracting all reported losses, in effect offsetting any reported gains? I would concluse that is how they may be deriving at 129.

    If so, might that PE someday actually become PL...price / losses??
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    What do I think ? Everyone in the news is Bullish; every analyst is bullish; the market has had an unbelievable run; Bernanke has gone out on a limb stating that the recession is over, and we are on the mend......what does this all mean - a hard, hard fall come September. Take money off the table, and stay in cash, until the next time to buy happens.
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    WHat happened at 1.00 pm NY today GOLD plunged ???
  6. July 31, S&P was showing As Reported Earnings at $6.86.

    Someone suggested the earnings could go negative at some point in the 3rd quarter... if that were to happen, P/E Ratio would officially be "irrational"..
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    I see the PE for SPY on yahoo finance at 14.09.

    If last quarter's earnings for the S&P 500 was 6.86 and u assume $28 for the year then 1030/28 = 36.79.
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    why not just run some scenarios to see what is rational?

    if you assume a 20x p/e (about avg since '88) on 1000 s&p, you would need $50 dollars in as reported earnings over the next 12 months.

    now is a 20x p/e reasonable? I don't think so due to all the things that have gone on in the past of which everyone is aware. I would say 15x is reasonable and maybe even a little high (assuming things stabilize).

    is $50 reasonable? probably not for some of the same reasons but also including how high margins were over the last 5-10 yrs. peak as reported earnings got to about $85, so take half of that as a run rate and you get about $42.

    so $42 * 15 fwd multiple = 630 on the s&p

    a rough est to be sure, but I would think the market is overvalued here.
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