S&P 500 looking very toppy

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rubberbird, Jun 20, 2005.

Is the S&P 500 about out of gas?

  1. Yes, rubberbird is usually correct

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  2. No, there's more upside ahead

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  3. I don't know/ I don't care/ the bird is an idiot

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  1. The S&P is about out of gas. Maximum number is around 1225, if it can make that. Since I get many PM's to post this type of info, I will appease the masses, so here we go...it is a toppin'
  2. Com'on what's the time frame? Hours, days, weeks, years??
    Just when and how long will this top occur?

    Back to your Crystal Ball, shine it up and repost with a bit more info.

    Best of luck :D
  3. Fair question..and deserving an answer.

    It's another "intermediate" term top,
    that will occur this week,
    and last for a few months.

    Good luck amigo.

    ps I'm lovng that i'm the only one so far who voted "yes" here!!
  4. I'm loving the action the third choice got.
  5. me too!!
    There's always a method to the birds madness.
    You stepped right in it!
  6. just adding that my opinion hasn't changed.
  7. trump


    With high oil and uncertain i-rates, I wonder if people are having as tough as a time trading this mkt as I am? I've been consistently up every month in '05 but am getting killed this month...
  8. Expecting at least 2-3 weeks of downside here.
    First Target 1170.
  9. balda


    I think market will not have a big down move until the end of the quoter.
  10. i'm inclined to agree with you, BUT the Fed is announcing next week, so there may be action before the end of quarter.
    #10     Jun 21, 2005