S&P 500 down 6.66% - OMINOUS !!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by syswizard, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. This is the devil's doing.
    We are oh-so-hosed.
  2. Its just a number

    Here is some more for you

    Mar 31 2009 - The S&P (cash) bottomed at 666
  3. therefore we got range

  4. Hang Seng -1,248 currently.

    The world is coming to an end.

    It was nice knowing you all.
  5. southall


    The world might finally be coming to its senses.

    Stocks have been overvalued for way too long.
  6. Clearly the S&P500 head and shoulders 1,172 target on the weekly
    chart didn’t provide support as expected but it’s extremely oversold now.