S&P 500 dividend yields - sorted

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  1. This a trading site. So why are you focusing (or dwelling) on yields?

    The EY, reciprocal of a PE hinges on those two variables. The P is quite dynamic. The E is only dynamic four times a year.

    Generally compared with risk-free Treasuries.

    Are Treasuries risk-free?

    Is the short end of the yield curve just above zero normal?

    Simply put, interest is supposed to be the rent on money. Factor in inflation. whether admitted or genuine, and the measure is, what? Negative?

    Is it going to remain so?

    IF it remains so, is that a reflection of a robust economy?

    There's a distinction between robust and bust.

    And this jabber about the E in earnings yield under the assumption accounting is accurate.

    All in all, YOU trade in PRICE not yields. So do I.
  2. What a strange and incoherent rant...

    Yields matter to some people for different strategies. Just because you don't use them doesn't mean someone else doesn't find this information useful...
  3. Suss, where's the website that reveals what the next tick in the eMini will be? :confused: :cool:
  4. Is there an ETF that only holds the S&P components that issue dividends?
  5. What really counts is the dividend rate AND the payout ratio. There be many dragons out there paying more than they make. And BTW, IndexArb is full of shit about how the markets behave.