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  1. I will start journal dealing with s&p500 intraday cycle definition.

    I will post my intended trades before the opening and will post updates as I see it happening.
    . My previous tread was moved by moderators of Trading forum to chit chat , because dbphoenix and romeo stock were complaining about me getting too many views so if you want to see it you have to go there
  2. I will be looking for profitable setups at 9:50, 10:55 and 12:20est .
  3. Signal at 9:50 was right on time, candle went up, CCI was at 200, 20 BB got penetrated, classic pattern. Signal at 10:55 had none of the confirmation. I will watch 11:30est.
  4. Signal at 11:30 was LBR setup wit bounce off 20 ma right in the middle of BB
  5. noddyboy


    Can you explain where you are bullish or bearish? Breaking a BB means different things to different people for example. What is LBR?
  6. Noddyboy
    Put on 1 min charts of s&p500 or e mini with 20,2 Bollinger Bands, 13 period CCI and 20 ema.. Then look at 11:30, 12:20 and 12: 48est to see bounces of 20 ma. Linda Bradford Raschke describes those in her materials ,that is what LBR stands for
    My method is of a reversal type which means that if BB is broken or penetrated I start looking for a divergence between price nad CCI and trade in the opposite direction of a BB break see example at 9:50. Because there is a lot of BB breaks I trade only when Trading Times signal is on . I generate them on previous day . During the day I make adjustments but I am not posting them here ,it would be too confusing and much more work then I want to do.
    I use prophet.net charts they have free delayed charts service plan if you need one.
  7. Noddyboy,

    Do a search of Walthers previous posts/threads and you will see that his supposed trades are only shown after the fact. He will give a time, then when some time has passed afterwards, he will come back and find some method that produced some kind of trade on whatever timeframe. IMO, and in most (if not all) peoples opinion here, it is a bunch of BS. It is an attempt to get some gullible people to pay for his services, nothing more. He will disappear for a while when the heat gets turned on and members question him, but he comes back looking for a new bunch of gullible newbies.
  8. Get a life ! And charts ! then look at my setup posted here and in my previous posts. Evaluation is done on 1 min chart . Everybody can see it. Everybody who can read charts, not you, of course. Then, if you do not see any relevance in this, move on. I am not soliciting anyone here on ET on anywhere else. Tell me which member of ET I approached and solicited. You are a liar !! Pathetic, indeed.



    As usual, this can be easily settled by POSTING YOUR TRADES BEFORE HAND.

    You can't simply come here after the fact and say "Did you see it?? I was right again"

    Obviously most people don't believe you, so back it up or shut it up.
  10. lol. I've got a life, and I'm perfectly happy with it. You on the other hand... Everyone who frequents this site knows that you are full of BS and that your so called trading method is a joke. Just thought I'd keep new members aware of your crap.

    PS, I did not say that you approached members. IMO you wait for them to approach you, as Plop did. Did you not charge him for your services?
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