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  1. What is the symbol? Is it $INX or $SPX.X?

  2. At dtn iq the is symble spx.xo. It is different @ diferent venders.
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    $INX works for Realtick.
  4. In Tradestation I did a "lookup" for S&P 500 and found both the INX and SPX.X as stated in my original post above.

    For you Tradestation users, which one do you use?

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    $INX works for Realtick.

    I'm assuming you meant $INX.X, even so I thought that was the "Internet" sector-index symbol. In Realtick I use $SPX.X for the cash S&P.
  6. Magna
    Sallyboy is correct, with Realtick $INX works for S&P 500 cash, as well as $spx.x. Not sure about other vendors though.
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    Very funny thing going on here. For my Realtick:

    $INX = S&P 500 cash
    $INX.X = n/p (no price)
    $SPX.X = n/p
    $DOT.X = The Street.com Internet Index

    I wonder how that can be different for all of us using Realtick.
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  10. FWIW -

    I believe it's not just Realtick that does this - INX.X is the CBOE Internet Index, INX is the S&P cash index (source unknown), and SPX.X is the S&P cash index from the CBOE

    INX and SPX.X should be the same but occassionally I've seen differences (e.g., gaps in data on one but not the other).
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