S&P 500 - A Doubling in Five Years - World´s Stock Market Comparison

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  1. Yes, I know, U.S. markets are claiming to be the "most watched"...But take a look at countries like Peru, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Brazil... :D

  2. (1) Suss, it deserves repeating.......when emerging markets turn into submerging markets, you have to be very careful. (2) How far did the other markets fall during the bear market from 2000 til October, 2002?
  3. Come on nazz ! Isn´t it fun to play a little bit with statistics ? :D
  4. What about Zimbabwe?
  5. Global growth staggering

    upside is almost unlimited

    you can't go wrong going long in the global markets

    FXI and EWZ for china and brazil
  6. That's BS Bernanke's objective for the US.
  7. S2007S


    oversea markets have been in rally mode for years now out pacing US markets, however the next correction in some of these emerging markets will be serious, dropping between 30 to as much as 60%.

    Funny how the US markets have doubled in the last 5 years yet when they dip 3 or 5% people start running for the exists. If you think about it a 10% correction would look like a little blip on a 5 year chart.
  8. but overseas markets aren't overvalued