s&p 400

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  1. The S&P will trade under 400 by 2011
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    What will it tell about the state of the economy?
  3. Oh here we go the clowns have come out of their holes again.

    Do yourself a favor and stop trading ASAP... on second thought, keep trading so us good traders can take the other side of your positions
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    As long as it moves one way or the other we can make some money. Up, down or sideways doesn't matter much to me.:)
  5. Calling a top is in this run is suicidal. Look at all negative divergences the Euro shook off on its way to 1.60.

    "Deflationary" forces will beat out inflationary forces here very shortly. The baby boomers' spending cycle has peaked and the same level of demand will not be seen for 10-15 years.

    In the mean time, the best way to confirm a reversal in my experience is with TD Sequential. According to TDS we have some momentum to the upside to work out, then, after that we can talk about deflation and a measurable decline.

    I'm looking for a terrorist attack to happen as this deflationary death spiral really starts to get traction. If you think the corruption (insider trading etc) was bad during 911, you haven't seen anything yet.
  6. This is the best case scenario for us. The only question is which false V are we at in this stage?
  7. Unless she can justify/substantiate her claims, Tracy McGreedy is a clown.
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    just hope'n to be still alive in that date...
  9. Horrible Idea :mad:

  10. Drukes1234 You are a tool. Were You not in Riskfreetradeing .....thread called back to shorting....talking about how short you were on 7-15-09.......also you said you were leaveing a little extra cash on Sidelines so you could go MEGA short. What a clown. How did that work for you.:eek:
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