S&P 1275 - Cramer doesn't like this market at all

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Cramer on show tonight doesn't like the market at all at SPX 1275. Time to hunker down and get defensive and try to hit some singles. Capital preservation time.
  2. You are about 24 hours too late.
    He said this yesterday and used his "CAUTION" hat to make his point.

    (Doesn't anyone actually TRADE for a living on ET, or is everyone a "wannabee" that looks at quotes that are an entire day old? Did you just replay your TIVO now? WTF??? )

    Perfect contrarian signal.
    Thanks Jim!
  3. LOL cramer is a day late. SPX well above 1275
  4. silk


    LOL. Tonight the market is a "coiled spring" he saying at 1325. Classic.
  5. Cramer is always late

    He says google going below 400 when it is at 420.

    His track record is awful.
  6. stock, and yours is? doubtful.
  7. Cramer recommends way too many stocks and 95% of them underperform the market right after he recommends it. My track record isn't nearly that bad and most my stocks have outperformed the market well after recommending them.
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    This may be the best Cramer flip flop ever. I may actually have to watch CNBC if he keeps providing this level of insight (i.e. do the opposite of what he says).
  9. Four trading sessions ago he was on his show, hiding under a desk.

    Kudlow's featured guest tonight- author of "Financial Armageddon"
  10. He really think he is one of the best contrarian indicators. He gets so many sheep to follow his bad calls.
    I love Jim.
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