S&p 1000

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  1. I see 1000 by friday. maybe next monday.
  2. I see a lot of action between 1175 and 1245 with occasional peaks and valleys out an additional 3 - 5 strikes. 150 - 175 point swings over the remainder of the Z8 contract. 40 to 60 point swings a day.

    Watch big money fish and set their nets with high volume directional runs and reel in their catch.

    Just plot T&S lots >= 728... You'll catch a glimpse of their algo's near the turn of their trade sets. Watch the market checkup 1 - 3 points for their exit and the nets being set out again... 81 - 243 -729... Amazing how many orders flow through at these specific numbers.
  3. AIG Downgraded

    S&P 1000 sooner than even I expect.