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  1. Could somebody explain me please (dumb beginner) why you use 3 or 4 monitors for trading. I'll appreciate any sources and information.
    Thank you:confused:
  2. Without a multiple monitor setup regardless if its via one computer or two computers...

    Your going to be doing a lot more clicking (minimizing/maximizing programs) as you move from one particular task to another task.

    Further, most traders have at least (a minimum) of 3 programs that are open and actively being used while trading.

    One way to reduce your number of monitors is to have very large monitors.

    However, some traders (including me) will see it as an eye sore or distraction to be viewing 3-5 seperate software programs on one monitor at the same time.

    By the way...computers and monitors are so cheap these days...

    If someone can't afford a multiple monitor setup for those that should be using a multiple monitor setup...

    They shouldn't be trading.

    I'm also not saying that trading can't be done via one computer/one monitor.

    I'm saying that one computer/one monitor traders are more likely to have interruptions in their trading when something goes wrong with their hardware in comparison to those using either a multiple computer (like two computers) with two monitors on each computer.

    Simple rule...have a backup of everything or a backup of your most critical stuff.

    Backup monitor, backup computer, backup ISP, backup hard-drive, backup broker et cetera to protect your money while in the middle of a trade or to continue trading when you have hardware problems.

    Nothing is 100% and why take the chance with your money on the line in the middle of a trade ???

    Example...last week one of my monitors started having some major problems in the middle of a mutiple contract futures trade...

    I simply turned off the monitor and continue trading because I have a multiple monitor setup via two laptops (primary systems) and a desktop (backup)...

    Each laptop has an external flat screen monitor.

    Later...when my trading day had completed...I took that monitor back to the store where I purchased it and they gave me a brand new one since the monitor was still fresh out of the box (purchased a few weeks ago).

    Now...lets pretend I was in the middle of a trade while using one computer/one monitor setup and that monitor went to a blank screen. :confused:

  3. Hi Graf,
    You don't. Congratulations for finding this out all by yourself - good omen for your future. :cool:

    I myself use 3 monitors cause I do a lot of program development. It comes in handy for this kind of work as I can display documentation, IDE and application on my 3 screens.

    Don't try to trade looking at 3 screens though! It simply shows that you don't know what you're looking for. :D
  4. Typically you have two or more sources of analysis and /or tick data and want them displayed side by side.

    You dont need this to trade, especially if you are only trading one issue according to a rigorous plan.....
  5. The main reason is cause it looks really cool.
  6. gnome


    That's right. You can't look professional if all you've got is one stinkin' monitor.
  7. One, heck I thought you needed six to qualify as professnull ...
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    You could probably get by with less (4, maybe) IF you have 'em mounted on a cool multi-monitor stand.
  9. i think you need an odd number like me...odd (7)
  10. No Graf, you don't have to have multiple monitors to trade. I use a 17" laptop when I travel and it works fine but when I'm home and "able " to have an easier set-up I use 3 monitors; one for my trading chart, one for my order entry program and one for a browser window or spare. Like NihabaAshi stated, having a spare is important as well as creating a relaxed environment which means "having" to open and close windows as little as possible.
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