S. Korea now in recession

Discussion in 'Trading' started by raszorz, Jul 9, 2003.

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    In South Korea, the country's deputy finance minister said that the country's GDP contracted in the second quarter, without giving details, Bloomberg reported. The negative growth figures mean that South Korea's economy has slipped into recession, the first time since the Asian financial crisis back in 1998. The news comes hours before the central bank meets to decide whether to cut interest rates.

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    thanks for the interesting link... it even displays and ranks how many mcdonalds per million persons =)

    in asia, (according to that site) skorea's economy is ranked second to china and third to japan... prehaps their situation could trickle to other areas in asia... and less demand from asia for our domestic products may impact US recovery prospects... seems like many national currencies want to be weak now... to induce foreign trade. but if many countries are doing this, could this be deflating?

    just my thought. plz comment.