S. Korea at it again?

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  1. There isn't another island they can play games on? Keep poking sticks at lying dogs and waste some more of our money. No doubt you think its a high school football game ...our team regardless.
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    So why doesn't your messiah Mr. Hope and CHANGE himself do something useful/constructive about it.
  3. Because he's been taken into an alley and gang raped by republican whores and their supporters.

    Funny, he's not so much my Messiah as your obsession.
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    I beg to differ, I was just informed by Dr. Dick Head that Gabby is my obsession. (and I am his obsession) There sure are a lot of obsessions going on around here.
  5. Who's Dr Dick Head? The political commentator I have the most respect for is Chomsky. Beter informed than anybody on the planet, a Noble laureate in his field of linguistics and a professor at MIT. You could do worse, like everybody at Fox.
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    That's a bold statement.
  7. He scared of something, That's why he lashes out to what he perceives as the weakest. Typical Bully behavior. Bullies need one thing: to be punched in the mouth repeatedly.

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    That's a hell of a compliment you're paying to Gabby.
    Canton, GA just let me know.
  9. So the South Koreans are at fault here? I don't think so! Everytime the schoolyard bully say's this is my territory, go elsewhere, people are just supposed to roll over and give in?
    What few lights are still on in North Korea need to be turned off, for good.
  10. I usually invite people over here for an ass whopping and then feed them lunch and then driving them back to the airport.

    However, you can have it your way. Address please.
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