S-CORP or 1099 ??

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by FAST.AM, Oct 19, 2007.

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    Hello - I currently have an S Corp for my business. I'm in the process of opening new brokerage account. Is it beneficial to open my new account under my corporation ? or better to go 1099?
    Does the corp have tax advantages?
  2. I had an S corp before. Unless you are worried about getting sued, it only offers more complexity. Not really offer benefits.

    When you say "business" what do you mean? Are you just trading your money? If so, I think those traders who just list themselves as "unemployed" and list any trading profits in the correct place are ahead of you,

    And many brokers are not in a hurry to have a futures brokerage account under an S Corp. They want YOU liable if doing leveraged trading...
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    Technology consulting... short term cap gains are a killer wondering if there is a better way. I have heard of off shore trading.. just wondering any truth to this?? Like Bermuda based company's..