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    does anyone know how many stocks in the sa nd p are energy related and how much the non oil stocks are up this year. In other words I want to know how the non oil stocks are doing this year and if the strength in energy masks weakness in other groups. Very interesting that the Dow is near a multi year high and msft,dell and intc are at lows.
  2. I read it from a yahoo acticle yesterday, and it mention energy only account about 3% in the S&P 500. Finance accounts for like 25%+.

  3. I was going on energy stocks amounted to about 11 1/2 % up from 4% about 5 years ago, but I could be wrong
  4. You have to remember that the Dow is calculated *differently* from most other indexes. The Dow is price-based. As a result, high-priced components like CAT, MMM, XOM, AA, UTX, DD and others have helped the Dow tremendously this year. Big cap/lower priced stocks like MSFT and INTC have much less significance in its calculation. That's really a major reason an index like the Dow can often hide what other indexes may be showing.

    The S&P on the other hand is CAP weighted and INTC, MSFT, DELL and others (even if they are low-priced) have a big impact.