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  1. GotherL


    Got a Ryzen 2200g with 8gb ram. It gets laggy when I try to open 2 instances of my platform.

    Upgrade recommendations?

    I can afford $270 for RYZEN 3600 but I rather not spend that much if I don't have too. (Also, I am not sure if I would need to buy other components.) Would upgrading the ram to 16gb be sufficient enough to solve the issue?
  2. You have to find the bottle neck to answer the question. Use the Task Manager: Performance Tab. See if the CPU or the GPU or the RAM is the problem. Might even be a combination of the RAM and the HD (mechanical). Just guessing, it is probably the 8 GB being the limit on Win 10.
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    Note that Win10 32 bit only uses 4GB for application memory.

    Win10 64-bit and 16GB ram should be sufficient improvement.
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    I am running on 64 bit.
  5. GotherL


    I think the CPU is the problem. Ram stays below 50% usage but the CPU spikes from 50% up to 90% usage when I open another browser tab. (Markets are closed too.)

    From most to least. Stocktwits, Finviz, Discord. I always have Discord open thou and use the other ones only when necessary.

    Guess, I should start saving up for the 3600.
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  6. Yeah CPU is probably it. Thing is the browser pages, from year to year, keep on getting more and more complex and resource intensive.

    Without knowing your platform, it is hard to recommend a machine. I like MSI laptops because they have good reliability, automatic network ethernet-wifi roll over (Killer Networks), and being a laptop, a backup power supply. A decent basic machine.
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    If you are using the chrome web browser (probably also applies to Microsoft Edge), an extension like "The Great Suspender" will let you suspend and restore tabs to help manage the browser's CPU usage.
  8. Does your computer have a separate graphics card? If so, to what percentage is it being used?
  9. Peter8519


    AMD Ryzen 2200g has an integrated GPU. This integrated GPU make use of the RAM if you are not using an external GPU. So, upgrading to faster and 16GB or more will speed up the system. If you are using HDD, then upgrade to SSD or NVME SDD will help. NVME SSD being the most expensive. Please check if your motherboard has M.2 slot if you intend to upgrage NVME SSD or M.2 SSD. Older motherboard only support SATA SSD which is similar to SATA HDD interface.
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    RAM is the cheapest way to upgrade your system. 16 GB is plenty enough. Next is switching to an SSD drive, next is upgrading your cpu if your mobo allows it. If not, then you need new motherboard and cpu, which may still be cheaper than a new gpu which are hoarded by crypto miners who sent their price through the roof.
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