ryans performance in congress= failure

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  1. In almost 13 years as a congressman, Ryan has proposed just two bills that have passed and become law, one of which involved renaming a post office in his district. It’s a low number by any standard, but particularly for a chairman of the powerful Budget Committee. He has introduced many bills, including a Social Security privatization measure in 2004 so far-reaching that the Bush White House called it “irresponsible.”

    Statistics peg Ryan as a staunch conservative. According to the DW-Nominate metric, Ryan’s voting record makes him almost as conservative as Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), and more conservative than Rep. Allen West (R-FL). By the same measurement, Ryan is the most right-wing member of Congress to be selected for vice president since at least 1900, according to data analyzed by the New York Times.

    Ryan has also helped thwart bipartisan efforts at debt reduction, an issue he frequently touts as a top national priority. He attacked and voted against the Bowles-Simpson deficit plan in late 2010, which would have reduced the nation’s budget shortfall by trillions of dollars with a combination of spending cuts and new revenues. “It does not fix the problem,” he has said.
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    NOT so free thinker's performance in P&R = failure

    OH, and I'm STILL voting ABO in November.
  3. He's an ideologue. No surprise he'd be a disastrous failure at the art of governing.
    'Nuff said.
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    How many of these threads are you going to start?

    Ron Paul passed one bill in 20 years in Congress. When asked about this, Paul responded that he considers it an accomplishment that he doesn't see eye to eye with the rest of the criminals in Washington. So you say Ryan passed two bills eh? Well, he's giving Ron a run for his money then. That's a good thing.

    Hey free thinker, you want Congress to pass more laws? That's very fascist of you.
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    Yeah, pretty funny, how on earth could a person possibly be insane enough to judge a congressmans competence by the number of new laws they create......
  6. The better measure of competence is to measure how many bills they can stop.
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    So is that why Obama has been such a failure too?? Well the good news is, atleast Ryan will only be VP instead of the ideologue we currently have who is actually the president......
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    I agree....
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    Amen brother...
  10. He should have sponsored a new bill that would reduce new bills.
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