Ryan Jones - the final frontier in snakeoil!!

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  1. I just received this email from www.smarttrading.com, signed by Ryan Jones. He has a unique offer - he doesn't even want to teach me to trade, he takes the next step to directly teach me how to be a GURU!!

    Check it out, oh and notice he tells me that "you are one of only a small group of traders who are being invited to participate in this program".

    There it is:

    Subject: Make $100,000/year as a part-time Trading Mentor

    Dear Trader,

    I am excited to announce to you a program offered through Creative Investment Research Group that is the most incredible program in the investment/trading world. This program is called the Smart Trading Mentorship Program and you are one of only a small group of traders who are being invited to participate in this program on two levels.

    The first level consists of an extremely extensive trading program that is divided into seven (7), powerful ten-hour trading courses. These courses are designed to take anyone, regardless of experience, from A to Z on various aspects of trading from foundations to options to technical analysis to money management, as well as several other valuable trading areas. Not only does this program consist of trading courses, it also consists of valuable support products such as trading signal subscription services and trading software programs. Best of all, the staple of the Smart Trading Mentorship Program is the personalized, one on one mentoring available to ensure that all traders receive the maximum amount of benefit from the program as possible.

    This brings in the next level that will be available to ONLY 10 traders. In December 2002, this program was launched to a small group of traders. During that time, we brought in an initial group of students into the Smart Trading Mentorship Program and 7 of them are currently active Smart Trading Mentors. Currently, we have hundreds of students taking our courses!

    Because of the rapid growth we are experiencing and continue to expect, we need to increase the number of active Smart Trading Mentors to 25 over the next 6-months. A few months ago, we increased the number of potential Smart Trading Mentors to 15 and we need to fill the remaining spots.


    If you decide to become a Smart Trading Mentor, you will have the chance to make a substantial amount of money simply by talking to prospective students about the Smart Trading Mentorship Program and then becoming their personal mentor for a period of 6-months. Because we have made this process a turn-key operation, a Mentor who is able to contribute just 10-hours a week will be able to handle as many as 25 - 30 students at one time. If you are able to contribute more hours to this endeavor, you will be able to handle more students, increasing your income potential!


    You must go through the Smart Trading Mentorship Program. This means that you must take all seven (7) courses, and show a solid understanding of the material. This will be done through both written and oral examinations. All oral examinations are done via phone.

    You must attend at least one (1) Smart Trading Workshop. These are 2-day workshops designed to build on your knowledge of the course material. They are held 3 - 4 times annually at different places around the country (or tropical places near the country)

    You must be willing to spend at least 5 hours per week on Mentorship responsibilities.


    Give Tim Ayles a call at 888-549-6877. He will email you an application and give you additional information on the program. If you are still interested in pursuing the program, I will be giving you a call for an interview and you will also have the chance to ask me questions about the program. From that point on, you will have the information and knowledge you need to make a decision on whether you will want to participate in this program.

    This opportunity is limited to 10 traders on a first come, first serve basis. Give Tim a call today at 888-549-6877.

    Ryan Jones
    Trader, Creator of STMP

    p.s. While you are going through the STMP, I will personally give you extremely high-probability signals based on the material you will be learning. You will be able to conservatively apply what you are learning with signals from the creator of the strategies!
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    Un - f ....ng - believable!
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    I can do better:

    I'll teach you how to teach others how to become a trading teacher!
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    thanks for the post, but the link didn't work... Would love to see the site.
  5. I fixed it, the comma was placed inside the url. works now. you wanna sign up? :D
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    Oh my God, this is some classic stuff. I'm not even sure I believe it's real but if it is, wow. I'm speechlesss. I have to admit, it takes balls to do what they are doing. LOL.
  7. Yep, and balls like that are called slimeballs...
  8. Hilarious!
  9. investor business daily and bill oneil use to push this guy. he won some kind of investment championship in the 90's. its sad to see how some people full of promise turn out in this business.

  10. Is thus the Ryan Jones that authored the book:
    "The Trading Game, Playing the numbers to make millions"

    If so he may come out with a new book named:
    "The Mentoring Game, Playing the Traders to make millions"?

    Michael B.

    P.S. Here is his other site

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