Ryan Jones Options for Profits Course

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    53 winners out of 54 trades ?


    Sure IF you keep rolling till you eventually breakeven.

    This guy stinks of snake oil and I would avoid it.
  3. He is a king cobra of snake oilers! I hung out in a Paltalk room with him and a cohort of his for awhile a long time ago as part of a course I stupidly bought. It was far worse than a waste of time and money. As with all the snake oilers, they would explain away loss after loss, or they would lose their internet connection when taking a big loss, and connect later with a story how they got out at even, or at a profit. After a week or two of this he started trying to upsell(LOL). He was going to do a new program where he would train you to become a snake oiler like him. You would work under his umbrella, but have your own students, to rob, er I mean tutor. I think that was at a starting cost of $5000.00 and you had to come out to Colorado and hang out with him to learn this con game. I remember he had entered a contest, possibly a Robbins, and actually ran $10,000 to ~$29,000 in a month with agressive money management. Then he promptly lost it all with the same money management. He was also selling his secret money management techniques at the time, ROFL!
    I wasted a lot of money in my early years on b.s. material, but this guy is at or near the top of the list for "run away, run away fast"
  4. completely agree with everything u say