RYAN JONES Live Account course

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Franky12, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Franky12



    I saw on the internet that Ryan Jones 'll organise a new trading course very soon.

    Has anyone experience with his material? Does his "stuff" work?

    Let me know your input!!!

    Thanks a lot.
  2. if its his make 2 pts 99 % of the time stuff :p
  3. Franky12


    ....but he finished 3rd on many trading contests.....

    How is this possible if he is not good :) ??
  4. r-in


    3rd in a few contests? I think he has been his own worst enemy with not following his own money management. I hung out in one of his rooms for awhile and he had alot of systems, but I don't know how they have held out for the long haul. As with most systems you need to keep adapting in order to avoid the large drawdowns.
  5. This is easy............

    You cannot buy systems that are working now on the internet....

    If someone has a system that works...they would be using it....

    The compounding effect is huge for working systems when they exist......why sell it to large numbers of people...which this statement alone implodes this concept....

    Another interesting point here is that....

    Why do people buy things ....they are buying this thing because of what they hope it is....but since they haven't ...and will not see daily blotters or statements which is the only proof....they may buy and or believe in hope alone...and later wonder why it doesn't work....

    Some forms of fraud are legal in the US....

    The way it is.................
  6. gms


    I can't say concerning Jones, but typically, people trade with wild abandonment in trading contests without regard to money management or risk. Someone's going to win the contest, and that doesn't always mean that they're great traders. Could just mean they were the highest risk player and were fortunate in latching onto some good trades. Perhaps if they win just about every contest they enter, a la Tiger Woods, then we could say there's something to them.
  7. Where did you find his course info? I would like to check it out myself.

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