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    I just finished reading Ryan Jones book "The Trading Game" - which I found very helpful. I'm trying to find additional info on the web regarding his Performance I system and other info, but could not locate any.

    Does anyone know if he has a website somewhere?? If so, please let me know!

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    When I first read his book. The Trading Game I just love it and couldn't put it down. Backtest it and found it to be perfect. I simply love it. His trading system is nothing fancyful but his money management is the best to me.

    Also about Performance I you can give it a pass it run on very old platform starting with Win 3.1. It is a very old software with no new version I will advise you to give his software a pass.

    I bought his video from store.ino.com after reading the book. The video teaches what is in the book. 90% of the video is cover in the book except maybe you get a clearer picture from the video. I bought both his basic and advanced course. But think the basic course is no longer for sale already.

    His video is recommended if you are a fan of him like me.

    I read on Internet that he suffer a 95% drawdown in certain year but that to me is not important. If you backtest his money management and it work use it. Why bother about how much he lose or make. Or maybe he suffer a drawdown of 95% with his fixed ratio if without it maybe he go burst sooner 6 month earlier who knows. No one know the trade in detail.

    Anyway just my 2 cents worth and hope it help.
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    He also has this website:


    Btw, I am very familar with his theory, methods and systems, if you are interested.
  7. Does anyone have a fixed-rato type spreadsheet (excel) they could pass along to me. I'm a bit bad with excel I'm afraid.

    If so please PM.


  8. This link does not work....do you have a correction?

    Michael B.

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    Yannis (and anyone else),

    Can you share some pseudocode, or code in any programming language ? :cool:

    I'd like to test RJ's Fixed Ratio to compare it with other approaches. I use Amibroker (code is like C) and Wealthlab (like Pascal).

    Best regards,
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