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  1. I have a question for anyone who has Ryan Jones' book entitled The Trading Game. My question is about a passage on page 86.

    In the third paragraph he says "After having acquired . . ." Can anyone tell me where he got the following numbers in that paragraph: $100,000 in profits / trading 20 contracts / 4 years?

    I have read this book thoroughly, and I cannot tie that paragraph to anything he discusses earlier. Any help would be much appreciated. :wtf:
  2. He likely pulled that from his system results.....not sure if that was real or hypothetical.
    Anyway, his system fell apart during one of the trading contests and he lost face and never was heard from again.
    P.S. I didn't think that was a great book either.
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    during which contest ?? hope he didn't commit suicide:)
  4. Sorry, it was about 5 years ago...
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    He's still around. He has (or had) some expensive software that's supposed to make it easy to design and test trading systems. His latest is some weekly covered call service. I opted out of his emails long ago, but still see his ads from other trading services.
  6. I haven't heard or seen anything from him in at least 7 years. At one point early on I was in a chat room he set up. Like all the gurus, he would disappear, and then claim he was knocked off the internet everytime a trade went bad. I mean everytime, which was very often. His set ups were basic tech analysis that he probably read in a book and then sold as his own, seriously. My 2 cents, another scammer, and walk away as fast as possible from anything that ass clown puts out.
  7. His only redemption was his money management technique...which was quite novel.
    In the end however, it could not overcome a weak trading strategy.
  8. Ryan is still around. He has a new shtick, selling the weeklies. He calls it "Payday Stocks." The pitch letter is typical, promissing returns of 5% a week with little risk. Here is an abridged version:

    Dear Kevin,
    I hope you enjoyed reading the report entitled "How to Generate
    3% - 8% Weekly Returns". As you read, the PDS strategy puts
    the odds of success squarely in your favor...subscribe to the
    Platinum level providing 4 - 5 PDS signals each week, each carrying
    a 3% - 8% potential return...special price of only $247 for a 6-
    month subscription...
    Ryan Jones
  9. I heard selling the weeklies was a good strat.
    What kind of stats is he showing ?
    His win percentage should be quite high.
  10. Selling weekly covered calls, mostly, he is showing about 90% winners and total returns of about 10% per month. Given Ryan's history, those results are almost certainly with the benefit of hindsight.

    You can read about it yourself on his new website. Just Google "Payday Stocks Ryan Jones" to find it.

    Caveat emptor. His offerings since the mid nineties have all crashed and burned.
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