Ryan: Don't interfere with legalized medical pot

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  1. DENVER (AP) — Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan says the federal government shouldn't interfere with states that have legalized medical marijuana.

    The Wisconsin congressman tells KRDO-TV in Colorado Springs that he personally doesn't approve of medical marijuana laws. But he says that states should have the right to choose whether to legalize the drug for medical purposes.

    In response to a reporter's question, Ryan said: "It's up to Coloradans to decide."

    The interview was taped while Ryan campaigned this week in Colorado Springs and aired Friday.

    Colorado is one of 17 states, plus the District of Columbia, that allow medical marijuana.

    The Obama administration at first signaled that it wouldn't interfere with state-sanctioned marijuana distribution. But the Justice Department has since angered marijuana activists by shutting down dispensaries in California and Colorado.


    Kudos to Ryan.
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    I'm not so much pro drugs as I am against an expensive war on drugs/personal freedom that we cannot possibly win and can ill afford.
  3. Odd how both ends of the political spectrum can agree on this yet we can't get anything done about it.

    That only leaves 2 rational explanations.
    1) Big money with vested interests in keeping the contraband illegal
    and or
    2) Gross ignorance on the subject for people in the middle of the political spectrum.

    A very large part of our problem in the US is we are indoctrinated so as to assume "legal" and "moral" are synonymous*.

    They are not.

    Just because it's legal doesn't make it moral and just because it's illegal doesn't make it immoral.

    *Totalitarian states love it when the population entertains this grievous philosophical error.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing. State reform is occurring, but at the Federal level, promoting reform seems to still remain career suicide in too many parts of the Country. I hope a tipping point will emerge soon, and congressman and senators can step forward.

    There is huge inertia in the law enforcement and criminal justice system for strict anti drug laws. From the DEA down to the local vice squad, to the prison system, how many people are employed as a result of drug control laws? And big Pharma wouldn't be too happy either, nor the Alcohol industry. That's a lot of lobbying firepower.
  5. That's far out man.
  6. Just think of all those who have to go to the doc get a pain medication script go to the pharmacy then get some pain relief, cost a few hundred dollars and repeat every few weeks. VS marijuana being almost free if legalized.
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    I agree with those that say let states decide. Ryan may agree, but Romney doesn't. Neither do the guys in the article I've linked.


    "Nine Ex-DEA Chiefs Urge Holder Stand Against Marijuana Ballots"

    There's a long way to go to correct this miserably failed policy. I'm personally sick and tired of hearing how all these politicians have tried all types of recreational drugs, but once in power won't touch the issue. The lust to stay in power produces extreme hypocrisy. Term limits would solve such hypocrisy to some extent.
  9. We got term limits for the President, doesn't seem to help.
    What we need is courage.
  10. It is a lack of leadership. Obama refuses to move enough to the middle to pass legislation. Obama refuses to cut deals with Congress.

    As Governor, Romney is accused of going to far to the left to get things done. But that was the reality of his state. The MA. congress was 85% democratic with full veto power.
    The MA. congress wanted a State controlled single payer health system, Romney was able to get them to compromise at Romenycare.
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