RVSN, CVA, NANO - Friday Medley

Discussion in 'Trading' started by livevol_ophir, Dec 18, 2009.

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    Since the weekend leaves time for research, I am will try to post multiple trading ideas based on order flow, vol or other unusual things I find. Today I found three that may be worth investigating.

    Symbol: RVSN
    Summary: $175 million technology firm.
    Company: Averages 319 options traded a day.
    Trade: 10,000 Jan 5 puts sold @ 0.10 on zero OI (all opening).

    Symbol: CVA
    Summary: $2.7 billion energy (energy from waste) company.
    Company: Averages 924 options traded a day.
    Trade: 5,000 Jun 15 and 17.5 puts. Marked as a spread - but looks to me like it's possibily a stupid (same sided - in this case, both purchases).

    Symbol: NANO
    Summary: $128 million technology company.
    Company: Averages 224 options traded a day.
    Trade: 2,000+ Jan 12.5 calls trade on low OI. The trades may actually be two sided.

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