Ruthless, the key to success

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  1. When I look back in my career, for every each business project in which I enforce strict ruthless strategy and tactics, I was successful. On the contrary, for those in which I was distracted by factors like business partners, society, and even family, I end up with no gain and mostly failures. So the key in my book is to be ruthless to succeed. Don't you agree.
  2. No, not at all.

    Being self disciplined is enough. I hope you understand the distinction.

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    Ruthless is perhaps not quite it. Focused is better to me. Be very focused and set things up so that others have to either contribute a lot or get out of the deal. Partners suck as far as I'm concerned. Have an organization without an organization, just have talent on tap when you need them and be willing to pay for the privilege.

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    For me discipline is the key. Personally, I imagine I would fail if I tried to change the way I am internally to become ruthless. I am able to create a positive mental approach to the markets by focusing on the good that my returns will provide to others. The money I make in the markets helps my wife live her dreams. The money I donate to charity helps enrich the lives of others. Of course there is the freedom that I gain from my trading, but that always seems to come low on my list when I examine it.

    Don't get me wrong, I think that certain personality types probably do trade/ perform better when approaching their business ruthlessly. The key is uncovering what works for you.

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    No way to have heart to make it. Bastards burn themselves..... What goes around, comes around.

    I agree you have to have discipline, single minded focus on goals and the desire for sucess.

    And you have to have someone to love to make it all worthwhile.:D :D
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    Disciplined yes, ruthless, no, never, not at all. And the most sucessful traders I know, many of whom have taken the time to mentor and help me, both getting started and along the way, have proven to be some of the nicest, most personally generous people I have ever met. I also believe that my family, friends, and associates, and the time I spend with them, not only does not detract or distract, it is what keeps me balanced and focused, and able to continue to trade sucessfully.
    "What goes around comes around" is right.

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    Persistence and daily preparation
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    It sure is easy to feel that way sometimes, isn't it? But doesn't it turn on the definition of success? If it is just dollars, well, sure, screw everything and everybody. But if success is more than just the money, then being ruthless is not a prosperous way to go. Eventually, somehow, you'll pay the price.
  9. Wealth without worth is a hollow reward indeed.

    When you give up compassion, you have lost everything.

  10. Wealth without worth is a hollow reward indeed.

    When you give up compassion, you have lost everything.

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