Ruth Barrons Roosevelt

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  1. looks like this person has some words of wisdom to share..but very few will take heed as has been verified by the replies to your relative post.

    Basically, it’s important to keep in mind what it is you wish to do. Don’t worry about whether or not you can do it. Forget about what you don’t want. And be calm, confident, and a bit detached about when you get what you want. Otherwise you might just produce unwanted paradoxical intentions which are the exact opposite of what you intended.
  2. this person has some very wise words for those who are wise enough to read them.

    As traders and investors we need to realize that we participate in the trading process by how we view it. When you see the infinite potentiality for success and search with a clear focus for current opportunities you are well on the way toward creating a viable trading world for yourself. Allow yourself to imagine unending opportunity.
  3. even better than I had initially thought.

    The interesting thing about a question is that it not only presupposes an answer, it also presupposes the authenticity of the question. The question sets up a gestalt that ultimately engineers an answer. Wrong question: wrong answer. And the answer seems believable.

    If your trading is not going well, ask yourself, "What is the question I need to ask right now?"
  4. I've been very impressed with Ruth's writings for years. I got the chance to speak with her on the phone years ago, and she was most gracious and helpful.
  5. it is very important to have expectations before you take on any new task.

    Do you teach trading strategy?

    No, I don’t. I am a psychological trading coach. I teach you to balance your emotions, and maintain discipline and focus. After you work with me, you will be as good as your methods. However, as we work together, if I perceive anything faulty with your methods, I may be able to help you improve your approach.