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  1. Short RUT, target 780 by this Friday.:D
  2. RUT -> bad sumbol [​IMG]
  3. Take back my word, I think RUT will hit 780 tomorrow (option expiration) and will bouch back on Friday
  4. The monkey follow monkey (Asia/Europe market) will have big drop tomorrow and this will drug RUT down further

    RUT will open tomorrow at 780
  5. I am right!

    Both Asia and Europe market move lower, Asia major market close down by more than 1%, Europe market open significant lower.

    The future for RUT already down several points from last night close. 780 will happen soon!(will be Max Pain for some option retail traders here)
  6. RUT future shows that it will open lower (even most indices went up after the job report ?!?) and will be VERY CLOSE to 780
  7. My bad, I mean,
    IWM=78(Thursday close price)
    RUT=780(settlement price)

    Have a quick look on IWM, it is really close to 78 on close.
  8. btw- I ride the 800 PUTs Jan11 RUT when it tanked from 804 to 781 and closed it on Thursday evening with a good profits

    Just wanna to find out what is the settlement price for RUT on Jan11 - my estimation (based on my own methods of prediction) show that it should be very close to 780 ..

  9. RUT Jan11 settlement price = 782.92

    not too far away from 780:p