RUT -- what the heck!

Discussion in 'Options' started by cdowis, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. cdowis


    What's going on with volatility? Goes up and vol goes up, goes down and vol sinks.

    I trade on vega, and this market is crazy. My guess is that the market is generally looking for a bear market, so any move up and the bets are going for a heavy down move.

    Any ideas?
  2. This monster will settle and pin around 810 in the 3rd Thursday. :cool:
  3. This is a wild beast no doubt.
    I was trading RUT futures short summer of 2006.
    Was that stupid or what ?
    Tight stops kept me solvent.
  4. Beast can be tame, but when beauty of the beast begin to attract more small/medium traders since the last few years, HFT begin to hold and manipulate it, and beast become monster and no longer fun to play with anymore
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    it's relatively close to the all time high. i think vol goes higher with the idea of an unknown upside on the rally and comes off due to just staying in the trading range.
  6. Coming closer .. :D
  7. Pre-market now is 811 :D :D :D

    I am going to sell the secret on how i know it, anyone interest ? It is not that simple based on the OI or those BS that people posted here :cool:
  8. cdowis


    You were wildly bullish!

    It's at 800 now. I see it going to support at 795.
  9. I am not one of those bogus posters that post the price in the past and claimed they are right "after the event". The expected price for RUT I mentioned here is my "prediction" for FUTURE.

    I said RUT will settle around 810 next Thursday (17 March). Today is 10 March and 17 March is future.
  10. This thing is moving toward upward and toward 800 now. "Someone" must try really hard to plot and ensure it will pin at 810 +/- 10 by next Thursday.

    Sometime I just wonder if SEC is sleeping or what ? This thing may not be so obvious to normal retail traders as you need to pay and access the next level data, but it is not that difficult to figure out.
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