RUT vs. SPY price intra-day action

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  1. Any idea why the price action on one is so much smoother (less retracing) on RUT than on SPY?
  2. Because the S&P is a shit contract? :)

    Actually, I was curious of the same thing actually. /ES has been tight as hell. You're almost better just anticipating levels.

    Liquidity, volatility?
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  4. lol, do you even trade anything? You said absolutely nothing.

    Not only that, but you posted line charts. Could have done that myself.

    We're not asking for 12,000 posts of pure drivel.
  5. not nice to expose your idiocy in public, especially during a holiday.
  6. felt like adding another worthless post to the 12000? Why is the price action shit compared to other indexes? Its a simple question? Liquidity vs volume is usually the answer. As for the line chart comment, they're fuckin worthless for analyzing any worthwhile price action.
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  8. They are two seperate instruments, track different stocks and perform differently.

    How many stocks do the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000 share? I'll give you a hint - as of today they share only one stock.

    Why would you think that two totally seperate stock baskets would perform the same?
  9. thanks bud. Forgot about the underlying on these.
  10. Sorry if my post came off as sounding jerk-ish...

    Here's the members as of today. The R2k and the SPX are very different indexes.
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