Russia's plan to take down the dollar?

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    Rickards: … To give you a sense of how much interest there is in financial matters in the national security community, I recently headed a panel at a program sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, one of the premier private research centers in the U.S. for developing everything from new weapons to nuclear strategy. The topic of my paper was a hypothetical press release issued by the Russian central bank announcing the creation of a new, gold-back currency. In the hypothetical, the Russians also announce that exports of energy and other natural resources will have to be made in this new "gold ruble." The Russians would become a market maker in gold and effectively control the marginal price of gold transactions. This is basically a plan for taking down the dollar.

    The IRA: It is an entirely plausible scenario. The Russians could establish a "gold" price for oil and then the paper currencies would trade at a discount. Thanks to the lack of leadership in Washington by either party, the U.S. is quite vulnerable to the creation of a gold-backed or commodity-backed currency. This August is the 40th anniversary of the decision in 1971 by President Richard Nixon, aided and abetted by a Treasury official named Paul Volcker and Fed Chairman Arthur Burns, to break the link between the dollar and gold. The excuse then was justified based on the short-term need for growth and inflation. As a senior Fed official told us, look at the period since the 1990s. Count how many quarters we have not had either fiscal stimulus or accommodative interest rates by the Fed to maintain the illusion of growth.

    Rickards: Precisely. But what is interesting is that a couple of days ago, we saw the arrest of this seemingly hapless Russian spy gang. These people were a relic of the Cold War, running around Montclair, New Jersey, and meeting in New York coffee shops. But the one little tidbit that came out of the complaint filed by prosecutors is that the one subject that got a lot of reaction from Moscow was gold. Whatever these people were collecting for the Russians, the information about gold was of great interest. Often times in intelligence you care less about what the field agents are collecting than who is asking and why they are asking. The paper I did is getting written up all over the web. But the fact that the information on gold touched a nerve in Moscow confirms my view about their intentions toward the dollar.
  2. Unless the plan to take down the dollar involves a nuclear attack, there's nothing russia can do to harm the US.

    They are broke.
    Now that oil prices plunged, they can even pay their bills, much less engage into buying gold.

    Gold is a bubble, and if they are buying it they will get burned, and they deserve it.
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    SouthAmerica: Reply to Tortoise

    As per your quote: “…The topic of my paper was a hypothetical press release issued by the Russian central bank announcing the creation of a new, gold-back currency.”

    That is pure non-sense regarding Russia.

    In 2002 when I wrote the article “The Euro, Now” gold provided about 15 percent of official world monetary liquidity.

    Central banks hold only one-third of the above ground gold supply available. Gold is the second largest component of international monetary reserves after the US dollar.

    In my opinion, here is a much better solution for Russia regarding the subject of currency. And I quote from my article as follows:

    Brazzil magazine - July 9, 2009
    “With US Capitalism’s Demise It’s High Time for Brazil to Adopt the New Asian Currency” – Written by Ricardo C. Amaral

    Here are my recommendations for a new international monetary system

    … 2) Regarding Russia

    A few years ago I thought Russia might create the new Russian Union block based on the countries that comprised the old Soviet Union.

    Today I believe that there is a better economic solution for Russia regarding the future of its economy, I came to that conclusion based on the actual economic realities of the last few years. Instead of keeping the Russian Ruble or trying to create a new currency for a new Russian Union block, the best option for Russia today is to adopt immediately the euro as its new currency.

    By adopting the euro as it's new currency that would give long-term currency stability for Russia, and at the same time it would open the door to new German foreign investments in Russia, and in the process it would speed up Russia's industrial development with German outstanding technological know-how.

    Russia is already a very important customer for German goods and services, and when Russia adopts the euro then a major obstacle, the currency risk, is removed providing a new fertile ground where investment and trading can flourish between the European Union and Russia. That would also help to bring more financial stability to the Russian stock and financial market.

    It is a mistake to base the future of the Russian economy on the production of oil and gas and other commodities; by adopting the euro ASAP that would eliminate the currency risk and would open the door to European long-term investments in Russia and that process would be mutually beneficial for both parties.

    As I mentioned above, each country around the world will have to evaluate its economic self-interests regarding its economic future, and they will have to decide in the near future which mega currency to adopt - in my opinion, in the case of Russia the immediate adoption of the euro make sense to me.

    The Russian government also needs to disconnect itself from any ties that they have today with the Russian mafia, and honor private property rights and the rule of law; otherwise, foreigners will not make new investments in that country.
  4. We have the Republican party,,there way more dangerous than the ruskies, as Lincoln said , it wont be outside powers that destroy the USA,,but ourselves,,
  5. There plan does contain a nuclear attack - no joke and no question! Anatoliy Golitsyn was the highest ranking KGB agent ever to defect to the west. He gave the CIA all the info he could - they seemed to ignore him, so he wrote two books about the Soviet plan. Long before the USSR "fell" - he predicted that they would fake a "fall" - but retain power. Those who read Golitsyn's books knew the fake was coming! That is why Putin (former KGB) is still in charge - the REAL USSR NEVER WENT AWAY. Anyway - he described that the final blow to wipe out the west would occur during a time of economic upheaval...and it would be a nuclear attack.

    You can learn more about what Golitsyn said in his two books:

    New Lies for Old
    The Perestroika Decption

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    I beg to differ.

    We have the DEMOCRAT party, they're way more dangerous than the ruskies, as Lincoln said, it won't be outside powers that destroy the USA but ourselves.

    BTW, Lincoln was a Republican.