Russia's Nazis launch wave of racist attacks

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  1. The Sunday Times May 07, 2006

    Russia's Nazis launch wave of racist attacks

    Mark Franchetti, Moscow

    WEARING camouflage and firing pellets from imitation AK-47 assault rifles, the Russians acting out battle scenes in the woods last week could have been mistaken for weekenders taking part in a game of paintball.

    But the secret military training exercise 70 miles southeast of Moscow was far more sinister. The three-day gathering was attended by 50 hardline neo-Nazis who worship Adolf Hitler and believe that dark-skinned immigrants living in Russia should be killed.

    The boot camp, which had taken months to organise, was planned to train them in combat skills and extremist ideology. Those taking part either support or have helped carry out a string of vicious racist attacks that have shocked Russia.

    The “delegates” stayed in tents beneath the red and black swastika-like flag of the Nationalist Socialist Society. They fired mock firearms and trained with knives and clubs.

    At night, flanked by torches, they gathered around a bonfire exchanging Nazi salutes, chanting slogans celebrating Hitler and making speeches about a “super-race” made up of ethnic Russians.

    “We need to kill all dark-skinned immigrants,” explained a young man renowned as one of Moscow’s most radical skinheads who introduced himself as Tesak, Russian slang for “hatchet”.

    Weighing 17 stone, shaven-headed and wearing a black bomber jacket, Tesak, 21, an unemployed building engineer, is respected by fellow neo- Nazis for his brutal attacks on non-whites.

    His hands are covered in deep knife wounds from a recent bloody clash with an armed man from Tajikistan. He walks the streets with a 10in hunting knife strapped to his side and boasts of having beaten immigrants “to a pulp”.

    Tesak recently launched his own neo-Nazi website, named in Hitler’s honour, on which footage of attacks on immigrants is posted. He claimed his violent message was becoming so popular that he was asked for his autograph on the Moscow metro.

    “We shouldn’t just kill adults. We must get rid of their children too,” he said. “When you squash cockroaches to death, you don’t just kill the big ones. You go for the little ones too.”

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  2. Yes, yes. These Russian nazis are horrible:

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  3. How dare these Russian nazis protest the homosexual festival in Moscow, during the May 9 victory day celebrations week.:

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  4. And the poor foreign students are suffering horribly:

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  5. "Last week Amnesty warned that racism in Russian cities was spinning “out of control” and attacked the Kremlin for failing to act."

    Meanwhile in America:

    1) Black convict parolled to Catholic half-way house murdered White nun who caught him stealing her cell phone.

    2) White restaurateur shot to death by two blacks

    3) Third "black panther" accused in 1970 assassination of White St. Paul police officer James Sackett

    4) Black Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Parole for brutally raping and mudering White female College Professor

    5) Black boyfriend sentenced to life in prison for the drowning deaths of his former white girlfriend's three children

    6) Black Misceginist Stepfather Accused of Raping white 10-year-old girl, impregnating her

    7) A white NYU student killed by a car in Harlem was fleeing a gang of black teenagers screaming "Get whitey!" Murder not treated as a bias crime by police.

    "Osama Bin Laden Rules... Zarqawi the Gringo Killer... Yes! Yes!"

    "This is our country... Go back to Europe..."

    "Go back to England... Go home gringo!"

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    Let's all be patient, now. I'm sure, as they have in the past, both comrades Al Sharponski and Jesse Jacksonski are, at this very moment, preparing their individual statements to the politboro decrying racially motivated hate crimes. Da !!!

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    In a 1969 Life Magazine interview, Jackson said that when he worked as a waiter in a Greenville, South Carolina restaurant, he would spit into the soups and salads of white customers. "[Spitting into the food] gave me a psychological gratification," Jackson said.

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    "So try not to laugh when someone says these [whites] are the world’s greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention."
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    Ooooops!!! I forgot about comrade Bryant Gumballski.

    Kudos, estrader !!!
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    "It's easier for most Latin guys and it's easier for most minority people because most of us come from heat. You don't find too many brothers in New Hampshire and Maine, right? We were brought over here for the heat. Isn't that history? Your skin color is more conducive to heat than it is to the lighter-skinned people. I don't see the brothers running around burnt. That's a fact. I'm not making this up. I'm not seeing some brothers walking around with some white stuff on their ears and noses."

    -- Chicago Cubs Manager Dusty Baker, July 5, 2003
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