Russia’s heavy thermobaric flamethrower system in action

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    Russia’s Defense Ministry released a rare video of TOS-1A heavy flamethrower systems fired during military drills. The fearsome weapon packs 24 thermobaric missiles, capable of obliterating everything within 40,000 square meters.
    The TOS-1A systems made a rare appearance during a military exercise in Russia’s Leningrad region. Footage of the drills, released by the Russian military on Tuesday, shows the systems moving towards their positions, getting loaded, and ultimately unleashing their thermobaric might on the mock targets.........
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    Now if Russia would build anything else that's useful and not designed to kill people, that would be great, thaanks.
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    They look like defensive weapons rather than offensive.
    Would not like to be in one of them when hit by an incoming artillary shell, mind you, would be a quick exit from Earth, zero pain, much better than Wuhan virus.
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    and our dept. of defense gets close to a trillion dollar yearly budget for defense
  6. It's just a rocket-propelled FAE.