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  1. In all respects, the West thinks about us Eastern Europeans that we are Russians.

    So what?

    Not gonna contradict them with subtle nouances like "Hungarian" sounds nothing like Russian. Because Romanian does and all similarities don't stop at the accent. But "Biroul de Stat pentru Fonduri Forestiere" might sound a lot more understandable to an Anglo-Saxon ear than "Állami Erdészeti Alapok Irodája" or "Государственное бюро лесных фондов".
  2. Just so I understand, are you claiming Hungary isn’t a province of Russia?
  3. You mean metaphorically with all the "Viktor Orbán the diktator", friend of Putin stuff?

    I've spoken to quite a few Hungarians, both from Transylvania (Romania), so perhaps biased but also from proper Hungary. So far they all were quite fond of the guy (Orbán) and considered the "dictator" designation as ridiculous.
  4. Besski


    Actually, the Russian language sounds different from almost all Eastern European languages, except maybe for Belarussian, but almost all people in Belarus speak Russian today.
  5. Not really. Russian is a Slavic language and it sounds like one. It's pretty recognizable to anyone who knows any Slavic languages.
    Obviously, it sounds nothing like Hungarian or Romanian, because neither is a Slavic language.